Klick in the Community

Tree Planting Pie in the face in support of Ride for Heart 20 minute clean up

Plan Canada

Klick is proud to partner with Plan’s Gifts of Hope program, allowing our employees to buy cows, goats, pigs, hens, roosters, rabbits and mosquito nets as part of the Klick It Forward program. Klick animals and mosquito nets are now helping families in Rwanda, Liberia, Peru and Honduras. Klick’s donations are often matched 3:1 and sometimes up to 10:1!


Kiva helps individuals in over 61 countries around the world find financing to grow their small business. Through Klick It Forward, our employees can lend as little as $50 to help someone in a developing country create an opportunity through Kiva’s micro-financing model.


Less is Canada’s only Ecologo Certified carbon off-set vendor and funds renewable energy projects across the globe and in our local communities. As part of Klick It Forward, our employees can off-set their carbon footprint by buying carbon credits from Less.

Fundraising and In-Kind Donations

Klick for a Brick: Artbound

In 2010, our CEO Leerom Segal traveled to Kenya to help build a school with Artbound, an organization dedicated to bring arts education to girls around the world. In 2011, Klick extended the challenge to all employees with “Klick for a Brick”, in which employees sold “bricks” in support of this initiative. Klick matched each donation 5 times over.

Cystic Fibrosis Canada

A number of Klick employees are living with Cystic Fibrosis (CF), so it’s a cause especially close to our hearts. We’ve partnered with Cystic Fibrosis Canada and shared our expertise and support through fundraising events like the Great Strides Walk to Cure CF.

Becel Ride for Heart

Klick fundraised $10,909 in 2011 for heart health by head-shaving, pie-throwing, cross-dressing, hair dying, chest waxing, and of course… bike riding.

Brazilian Carnival Ball

Klick has supported this gala fundraiser for several years through donations of our digital marketing services and leadership on its Board. The Ball has raised millions of dollars for beneficiaries like the Toronto East General Hospital & the Royal Ontario Museum.

20 Minute Make-Over and Tree Planting

We took a break from work to make Toronto a better, cleaner city as part of the City of Toronto’s 20 Minute Make Over project. We also purchased and planted 300 trees (and had fun doing it!), as part of our ongoing dedication to greening our city.

White Knight Foundation

White Knight is an annual fundraising gala that raises funds and awareness for a chosen charity. Since its inception, Klick has provided guidance and leadership to help grow its digital marketing presence. The foundation has raised funds for Free The Children’s GO Local program of youth empowerment in 60 schools across Canada, as well as targeted solutions to combat bullying of gay teens through The Triangle Program and Egale Canada.