Working at Klick

Great People

We work hard to make sure that the people you work with at Klick are the best in the business. We want you to be challenged and inspired by your colleagues, but have a little fun too. While we’re growing, we still feel like a small family, and many of us are friends both inside and outside of the office.


We take pride in providing one of the industry’s most competitive compensation and benefits packages for all our people. But appreciation at Klick goes beyond pay and seniority; it’s about the little things. Klick employees enjoy Stress-Relief Wednesdays with free pizza and video games, Thai Food Fridays, Whirleyball tournaments, Hallow-bowling, on-site massages, a well-stocked ice-cream freezer, cottage-country getaways, and other theme parties.


In an industry full of ups and downs, we’re thrilled to have only gone up since day one. We’ve been growing nearly 30% every year since our inception in 1997, which means lots of opportunities for our people to grow. We’re always looking for ways to harness the rich talents of our people to find new and innovative solutions for our clients.

Meaningful Work

As the #1 Independent Digital Healthcare Agency, we feel fortunate to be in the business of helping people discover life-saving medications for diseases like cancer, epilepsy, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis. This gives us a great sense of purpose in our work.