The Need:

We are often engaged prior to a product’s actual launch date – with the brand’s ph3 complete or nearly complete and the PDUFA date often known. Clients need a comprehensive, orchestrated digital product launch strategy, including an array of digital assets with defined metrics and integrated measurement capability. This strategy needs to: prep the market and establish awareness; generate physician interest and trial at launch; and facilitate positive trial experience so that the prospects for further acceptance and adoption are maximized.

Our Thinking:

Our rich and diverse expertise puts us in the ideal position to execute a successful digital launch strategy. Our comprehensive branded and unbranded (if applicable) digital strategies ensure that analytics, metrics and measurements are integrated to facilitate quantified measurements and ongoing reporting needs. We also build and execute extensive eCRM programs linked to registration.

Our digital tactics include:

The websites we create are tailored to the specific business and communication objectives of the brand. For example, unbranded sites focus on expanding the understanding of HCPs around the disease state, and reinforce any applicable treatment guidelines. At the time of PDUFA, the focus shifts to announcing product approval and promoting registration – and later, to announcing availability. At launch, branded sites are developed around specific business objectives and key messages to drive engagement and adoption.

Our depth of expertise in Mobile Marketing & iPad® and eDetailing ensures we add value and avoid duplication of effort by:

  • ensuring that the website experience is optimized on mobile
  • avoiding the “talking head” scenario (instead, we optimize the selling experience by creating presentable content that adds value and reinforces messages in a credible and relevant way)
  • focusing on tackling the “white space” dilemma with your sales force efforts

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