The Need:

We are often approached to help clients thwart declining revenue growth – due to slowed prescribing or eligible patients for the drug that have not been identified. Clients need a way to refresh their brand by introducing new data or information. For HCPs, this often means creative ways to enhance education, promote registration and encourage trial. For patients, there is a need for exciting, interactive tools that stimulate HCP conversation.

Our Thinking:

We have worked with multiple clients to either refresh or develop a comprehensive HCP targeted branded campaign strategy that integrates analytics, metrics and measureable results. This can include:

  • updating content, how it is delivered, and the flow of information
  • applying a fresh design that supports the new content and flow
  • creative use of landing pages to highlight new topics or content
  • refreshing or developing eCRM strategies linked to enhanced registration
  • updating the registration process to support any new or modified target segments

Our digital tactics include:

Plus, interactive patient tools, such as:

  • Resource Centers to house additional information that can be called out in the dynamic content modules
  • Success Stories and Patient Testimonial Libraries, fully indexed to preview by topic or patient profile

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