The Need:

We are often approached by clients on both global and US levels after their brand has successfully completed ph2 and has entered into ph3. Clients are looking to implement a global market shaping strategy focused on establishing a presence across multiple regions.

Our Thinking:

We help clients by developing unbranded destinations focused on:

  • market shaping and establishing an unmet need in the targeted disease state (Content could include: data [visualized and available for download], disease-state patient education resources, and relevant KOL commentary in rich media format)
  • content available in multiple languages within the site framework, prioritized based on launch sequence
  • HCP registration opportunities for future updates fulfilled by local affiliates

We also help shape the market and inform launch strategy through establishing a KOL Advisor Portal. This innovative tool helps engage KOLs by serving as a:

  • secure destination for global KOL advisors to access the latest approved and publically presented information
  • collaboration tool that enables clients to “task” advisors in between face-to-face meetings, including commentary on data and slide reviews

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